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What is the Bottle Club?

Welcome to the Beradu Bottle Club, where we're passionate about organic, biodynamic, and natural wines sourced from small family farms worldwide. But we're more than just a wine club. As a member, you gain access to exclusive discounts and perks in our specialty market and restaurant. Alongside our full case and half case wine memberships, we offer an exciting non-alcoholic "Booze-Free Box" option, featuring a diverse range of non-alcoholic beverages from emerging brands. Explore carefully curated selections of exceptional wines and innovative NA drinks every three months.


Receive a full case (12 bottles) of wine every 3 months​​

  • Member Options:
    • Full Case White

    • Full Case Red

    • Mystery Combo Case*

  • $350 Max every 3 Months

  • 15% discount on purchases of 6+ bottles in market

  • 30% off Birthday Bottle

  • Exclusive Event & Dinner Perks




Receive 6 bottles of wine every 3 months

  • Member Options:

    • Half White Case

    • Half Red Case

    • Mystery Combo Case*

  • $175 Max every 3 Months

  • 10% discount on purchases of 6+ bottles in market

  • 20% off Birthday Bottle

  • Exclusive Event & Dinner Perks


*Mystery Combo Cases are just that - a mystery! Each box will be a random selection of whites, reds, and a few additional hand-selected unique, fun, funky bottles that add a bit of flair to your wine box experience! 




Premium Pick

One additional rare, allocated, or cellar-worthy bottle ($75)

Booze-Free Box

Full Box ($150) Half Box ($80)​​

more info below

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Booze-Free Box

Introducing our non-alcoholic option; a diverse collection of non-alcoholic beverages from 3-4 emerging brands, curated every three months. Each box contains approximately 24 servings, offering a mix of beverages in various bottle sizes from 750ml to single-serving cans. Explore new flavors and trends in the world of non-alcoholic drinks with our curated selection.

  • FULL BOX (~24 Servings)  $150

  • HALF BOX (~12 Servings)  $80

How can I become a Bottle Club Member?

Joining the BERADU Bottle Club is easy!

Click the link below and choose the membership plan that works best for your lifestyle. Fill out the information form, make your selections and choose your add-ons, pay the one-time sign up fee that goes towards your first allocation, and you're done! From there, you will receive a confirmation email with details about allocation dates and quarterly payments.

Any questions? Email Maggie at

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